Our best kept secret.

Ever since she was a young girl, Elena Kazas was fascinated by her yia yia’s beauty.

Photo Above: Elena’s Grandmother

“I spent a lot of time with my grandmother as a little girl. I remember staying overnight at her house and going to church with her. I would watch her get ready for bed in the evenings. She had such beautiful skin and I admired it so much,” recalls Elena fondly.

Elena’s yia yia put Extra Virgin Olive Oil on her skin daily, which kept it so soft and delicate. Of Greek descent, Elena also has gorgeous, glowing skin and natural beauty. “I recall my grandmother telling me how important it was to always take care of my hair and skin, to eat healthy and wear sunscreen. She also felt strongly that all women should appreciate what they have, and to focus on and nurture their inner beauty and not to feel jealous of others,” explained Elena.

Inspired by this, Elena, an astute follower of natural skincare and cosmetics, started to think very seriously about the need for, and the importance of, a clean natural, authentic Greek skincare line for women.

“From following social media and YouTube videos to talking with skincare bloggers, as well as my friends and classmates, I researched this topic, as well as my target market and then brought this unique opportunity to my baba’s (father’s) attention. I not only wanted to develop an organic Greek skincare line, but perhaps more importantly, I was also on a mission to help young women feel better about themselves and to strengthen their confidence. Regardless of race, age, ethnicity, size or shape, I want every young woman to feel confident about themselves and embrace their inner, natural beauty without comparing themselves to others,” said Elena.

“From the initial concept to the research, branding, website development and supplier discussions, Elena has been involved in every aspect of the company and has been very instrumental in the evolution of CALITHEA. She will continue to play a major role in our company, business and skincare line,” explained her baba, George Kazas.

“At CALITHEA, I am most excited about developing and sharing skincare products that are designed to encourage and support young women, to increase their confidence, improve their self-image, teach them how to cultivate their own inner beauty, and reveal the Greek secrets to youthful, radiant skin,” said Elena with a smile.