One aspect of creating a skincare brand I’ve always found to be so fun and playful was the process of discovering new ingredients to incorporate into each formulation. Throughout this incredible experience of building out Calithea’s skincare line, I’ve learned so much about the powerful, natural resources right at our fingertips that I so often have taken for granted. This research has also allowed me to connect on a deeper level with my Greek culture, identifying plants and extracts my ancestors once used, and elevating them into beautifully crafted, all natural skincare products in a modern way.

While I often highlight our hero ingredients like olive oil, aloe vera, and pomegranate, being that they lay a strong foundation for the majority of Calithea’s products, there are also some other unsung heroes in our line that I think deserve a shout out too!

Here’s just a few natural ingredients we use in our products you may not have heard of before…

  1. Red Algae
    • Skin Benefits: Red algae is an incredibly powerful, natural skincare ingredient, which helps to hydrate the skin, provide even skin tone, minimize fine lines, fight acne, and provide natural UV protection. Compounds extracted from red algae help deliver vital nutrients to the skin, such as vitamins A and C, to help maintain its moisture barrier all day long.
    • Calithea Products: Our Olive Oil Day Cream leverages the amazing properties of red algae to keep your skin hydrated and glowing all day long!

  1. Actinidia Chinensis (Kiwi)
    • Skin Benefits: Rich in vitamin C, Actinidia Chinensis, also known as Kiwi, provides skin with just the boost it needs. When applied to the face, Kiwi provides toning, detoxifying, energizing benefits.
    • Calithea Products: Calithea’s Organic Olive Oil Facial Toner uses Kiwi and other natural ingredients to gently and effectively even the skin tone, balance your skin’s pH level, and avoid the moisture-stripping effects of harsh tap water.

    1. Calendula
      • Skin Benefits: Not only are calendulas beautiful flowers, but oils and extracts derived from them are packed with nourishing nutrients your skin needs to remain smooth, glowing, and healthy. Calendula is especially kind to dry, eczema-prone skin with its incredibly soothing, calming, and anti-inflammatory properties. 
      • Calithea Products: Our hands and face are so often the first places we experience dryness and flaking on our skin. For this reason, Calithea’s Hand Cream and Milk Cleanser products use calendula oil to soothe and repair the sensitive skin on your face and hands especially.

I love learning about unique, natural ingredients I can incorporate into our Calithea products. We always aim to avoid overcomplicating a formula, so we are very purposeful in the ingredients we choose. Each product leverages just the right balance of ingredients to provide you with the best possible experience and results!


~ Elena xoxo