CALITHEA, (beautiful goddess) the evolution of skincare, an online company, provides organic and authentically Greek products designed to enhance a person’s inner self and beauty. Using 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the purest of ingredients, CALITHEA’s mission is to educate and empower women and men from all walks of life about proper skin and body care, based on our all-natural Greek products. By helping to strengthen a person’s confidence and enhance their natural beauty, and not just their outward appearance, CALITHEA is focused on redefining healthy natural skin and body care with daily skincare routines for teens, women, and men.  CALITHEA was created in 2016, by founders, Elena and George Kazas. A determined and passionate daughter-father combination, Elena and George were inspired to create a brand of natural and organic skincare products based on the virtues and proven results of ancient Greece. Because of its great health and healing properties, Greeks are known for growing, cultivating, and using olive oil, aloe vera, prickly pear, pomegranate, donkey milk, and honey to care for their body, skin, and hair, some of the most natural ingredients for healthy, glowing, beautiful skin. CALITHEA was formed based on these three strong beliefs: That everyone should enjoy the benefits of Clean, Natural, Organic Skin & Body Care, they should feel good about themselves inside and out, since beauty is within each one of us, and that “all good things of this earth, come from this earth.”

George Kazas, President, Calithea Enterprises, LLC

Equally passionate about business and his Greek heritage, George Kazas is a long-time entrepreneur that has created and led many successful businesses over the past twenty-five years. From a coffee distributorship to real estate, property management and restaurant companies, George has extensive experience with developing and leading small businesses. From translating great ideas and unique concepts to developing strong products and brands, George brings business expertise and extensive experience to CALITHEA.  He is a recent graduate (2020) of the Formula Botanica Organic Cosmetic Science School, an online program.  George has earned a degree in Organic Skincare Formulation and is currently working on an advanced degree in Organic Cosmetic Science. CALITHEA launched online in October 2016.

George’s business partner at CALITHEA is his intelligent and mature 17-year-old daughter, Elena Kazas.
“I am very excited and fortunate to have created CALITHEA with Elena, which has taken an already special father-daughter relationship to a new and very different level. I have always been an idea guy and Elena has helped bring CALITHEA to life with her knowledge, youthful insight, creativity and her inner beauty. ELENA is the beautiful face of, and the inspiration behind CALITHEA,” explained George.

Elena is a high school senior with a passion for living a healthy lifestyle. Inspired by her yia yia (grandmother), Elena is very knowledgeable about natural beauty and skincare, and wants to make a positive difference in the lives of other young women. Read more about Elena’s Story.