Hi everyone and welcome back! Today I want to dive into the main differences between our Day
and Night Cream. A lot of people don’t realize the reasons for having two types of moisturizers.
Sometimes people just buy one cream and use it for both day and night use. Although you can do
that, there are more benefits for your skin when you use both creams. We are going to highlight
and break down some of the key ingredients in each so you can know the perks of using each

Day Cream:
● Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe vera helps to retain moisture on the skin thanks to its strong
   hydrating composition. Rich in polysaccharides and glycoproteins, it also helps to soothe
   and cool inflamed or irritated skin.
● Carob Extract: Carob seed extract can stimulate the repair and regeneration of collagen.
● Honey: Antimicrobial and humectant properties. Rich composition allows it to aid in
   retaining skin moisture, balance, and softness.
● Prickly Pear: Helps to stimulate the synthesis of aquaporins- true “water channels” that
   regulate the water flow through the skin cells.● Red Algae: A rich source of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, algae extract improves skin
   firmness and increases resiliency. Thanks to its water-binding properties, it hydrates in
   depth and calms irritation.

Night Cream:
● Argan Oil: A nourishing oil that adds moisture and radiance to dehydrated to dry skin. A
   powerful antioxidant, it helps to increase elasticity, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and
   improve the skin’s vitality.
● Inca Inchi: Considered to be one of the richest plant-based sources of essential fatty acids
   and vitamins. Protects against the damaging effects of sun exposure, regulates oil
   production, maintains elasticity, soothes and prevents inflammation, promotes softness, and
   smoothness, and hydrates the skin without clogging the pores. Increases the elasticity of
   the skin and has a cell-regenerating and activating effect.
● Pomegranate Extract: Contains punicic acid. A powerful antioxidant that improves skin
   elasticity and helps to stimulate skin regeneration. A remarkable aid for dry or mature skin.
● Squalene: Natural antioxidant oil that reduces fine lines and wrinkles and reduces
   imperfections caused by sun damage.
● Vitamin E: As an antioxidant, vitamin E combats free-radical damage, but unlike most other
   antioxidants, vitamin E is also a very hydrating molecule since it works as both a humectant
  (to absorb water into the skin) and an emollient (to trap water in the skin).

● Seaweed active extracts: Encourage epidermal renewal during the night.

The day and night cream both use a combination of clinically proven ingredients that help protect
and heal your skin. Now you know the benefits of each and how they both repair and heal your
skin in different ways.

Psst– here’s an extra skincare secret for you.   Layer the Day and Night Cream before Bed!