The Perfect Natural Skincare Routine:

A lot of people nowadays are so concerned about what they are putting in and on their skin, but sometimes it is hard to decipher what is and isn’t good when you look at an ingredient list. So many companies use complicated ingredients and make it hard for consumers to know if what they are putting on their skin will be harmful or not in the long run. For example, there was a recent article that came out listing 19 brands that recalled their dry shampoo because they contained cancer-causing ingredients. One of those brands was Dove which many people view as a trustworthy and upfront company, but this goes to show many companies hide. Another issue is the word natural and clean has little regulation in the United States, so it is very easy for companies to stretch the truth which means consumers do not know if they are genuinely purchasing safe products. This leaves customers with very few to no good options with these issues in the market. 

At Calithea, we make it simple. We deliver skin care products that are natural and clean, all made and manufactured in Greece that improve your skin for the long term, rather than just providing short-term benefits. We are fully transparent with what customers are putting on their bodies and the exact benefits they gain from those ingredients. We provide luxury products at an affordable price and believe that everyone deserves to have healthy, nourished skin.

The two key factors that set Calithea aside from all other natural skincare brands in the market are firstly as I previously mentioned all of Calithea’s products are made and manufactured in Greece. This means we are regulated under E.U. guidelines when it comes to formulations and production. Compared to U.S. guidelines, the E.U. is far stricter and keeps higher standard qualifications. This further ensures our purpose and drive to make safe and clean products for our customers. The second thing that sets Calithea apart is the ingredients themselves. The base ingredient that can be found in all our products is organic Cretan olive oil. Using the finest olive oil as a base allows the benefits of our other natural ingredients to be amplified immensely. The simple science behind it is that it generates biomimetic, skin-compatible liquid crystals. These crystals act as a delivery system that allows plant-based ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin for a more targeted and effective result. Some of the key notable benefits of olive oil are anti-aging properties, anti-redness to prevent irritations in the skin, it acts as a shield to protect the skin from harsh environmental insults, and its liquid crystal structure promotes luminance in the skin and hydrates it. To read about more ingredients that we use look at our Greek Secret tab

Now that you know what you are going to be putting on your skin when you use Calithea’s natural Greek skincare, let’s start building your everyday skincare routine. To start, first, you need to evaluate what kind of cleanse you are looking for in the mornings. If you want something gentle and just to refresh your skin before you start your day try our Milk Cleanser.  Our Velvety Creamy & Hydrating Cleansing Milk is gentle enough for frequent use, with its silky, satiny feel. If you are looking for a more foamy cleanser try using either our 100% Olive Oil Soap Bar, Shea Butter & Oatmeal Soap, Argan Oil Soap, Donkey Milk Soap, or Honey Soap Bar. Click the links to find which is most beneficial for your skin based on dryness, oiliness, acne, eczema, etc. But together they all are an antioxidant-rich formula that helps to repair and protect even delicate skin, 100% pure ingredients, with zero harsh chemicals, and the ideal everyday soap that leaves dry skin beautifully hydrated. Now at night, I recommend you double cleanse your skin, especially for those of you who wear makeup throughout the day. The Milk cleanser should be used first on dry skin as the first step of your evening routine to melt away your day’s makeup, and then to double cleanse, followed by a soap bar to complete the cleansing process.

The next step after cleansing your face in both your day and night routine is to use our Organic Olive Oil Facial Toner. A botanical-based facial toner that leverages the power of nature to support healthy and hydrated skin. Great for removing excess dirt and boosting natural radiance. It is perfect for all skin types as our Hydrating & Balancing Facial Toner helps restore equilibrium and helps your skin look and feel it’s very best. Unlike tap water which can sometimes strip your skin of its important natural oils, our toner is bursting with plant leaf extracts that gently moisturize to leave you feeling refreshed, hydrated, and ready for moisturizer.

The final step to seal in all the goodness we just provided your skin is moisturizer. For the morning try our Organic Olive Oil Day Cream Aloe Vera & Prickly Pear. Our Moisture & Radiance Day Cream not only delivers essential moisture but locks it into your skin, leaving you soft, subtle, and hydrated all day long. Our 24-hour Moisture & Radiance Day Cream stimulates your body’s own natural processes to keep moisture flowing through your cells. Don’t spend time worrying about dry skin; just use this every morning to quench thirsty skin and enjoy complete peace of mind that you’re glowing. For your evening routine try our Organic Olive Oil Night Cream Aloe Vera Shea Butter Organic Oils & Berries. All skin needs moisture to stay soft and supple overnight. But some skin types require a little more. That’s where our Nourishing & Firming Night Cream comes in. Designed for young skin that’s just beginning to show the earliest signs of aging, this evening treatment is enriched with olive and argan oils, shea butter, and pomegranate extract to deliver essential nutrients right where they’re needed and fight sagging and loss of elasticity for a refreshed look every morning.  

Now you have learned the base of Calithea Skincare’s products and got to read about what each of our face products does and in what order they are used it’s time to make it your own! Your skincare journey is your own and it is what works best for your skin. So whether you buy the whole line, or just one or two products at first to try out, we are confident your skin is going to fall in love with all the natural goodness Calithea products are filled with in order to meet all skin care needs.

~ Elena xoxo